Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plants and Presents!

I am so proud of myself! I have actually gotten something to grow. Usually when I try to start plants from seeds they just mock me. This year, however, some plants have started to grow their second set of leaves! I bought some bigger pots while at the store today to encourage them to grow. I was all excited to sit outside and repot flowers but it decided to hail today so I had to do it inside, that is why the picture was taken on the washing machine. And here they are in all their glory! My little plants!

Also I received my first baby gift today! When Jonathan came home for lunch he was carrying a huge gift sack from his old boss. Inside was a mattress pad (yay something to cross off my list), a little outfit, a soft blanket, and some burp cloths! Presents are so fun, and look at all the blue! :)

AND to top it all off I am in double digits today! ONLY 99 days to go! Man this pregnancy is going by so fast! Pretty soon little man will be here and I will be a mommy!

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  1. We have that same exact blanket (except ours is pink) but it's so soft and I love it. She still sleeps with it!