Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Visit To The Park

Okay, well it's technically his second but the first time he was only 7 months or so and he just sat in my lap on the swing.We have been seriously bad about getting him out to the park since then. We went once but there was  huge family reunion and we could barely get to the swings it was so piled high with children.

So yesterday morning, before the sun of death shone it's 105 degree rays of heat and hate upon us poor helpless beings (i.e. it got to hot), we went to the park. Here is our outing in pictures:

Jake swings for the first time in a park swing! He had so much fun (except when mom was trying to take pictures and dad had to slow down on the pushing).
wsonswingdark (1 of 1)e
wsswingdar (2 of 1)
wsswingdar (4 of 2)
wsswingdar (3 of 2)

Then we went and played on the slide. He didn't really get going down, in fact he didn't like it at all, but he loved climbing back up the slide (of course what kid doesn't like going against the grain).
wspark (1 of 3)

After that he went to play on the big toy!
wspark (4 of 7)
wspark (3 of 1)

That didn't last too long though, I think he is still just a little bit too small to play on most of the park toys.
So we went to spend sometime in the grass.
wspark (9 of 7)

Look mom a rock!

wspark (5 of 7)

Oh! And a leaf too!

wspark (7 of 7)
wspark (8 of 7)

Oh, I am getting so sleepy! Why did you bring me here?

wspark (2 of 3) 
Okay, I am done with this. I will meet you in the car.

I grabbed one more picture of him by the fence before we left. I love how confused he always looks.
wsparkdark2 (1 of 1)fix


  1. OH these are wonderful! He looks like he had so much fun!!!!

  2. Becca!!! Your pics are so good!! Once again, you have another great talent here! Hope you are doing well! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, Becca!!! He is so adorable and your pics are amazing!