Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Tale of the Uncooperative Subject Matter...

...Or No! I Am Not In the Mood for Pictures: A Mother's Struggle.

Jake has been sick for over a week now and I thought yesterday, being the first day when he was feeling exceptionally better and one of the few days it hasn't been over 100 degrees, would be a good day for a walk and some play time in yard. That turned out to not be such a good idea, because even though it was cooler than usual it was pretty stinkin' hot and Jacob still wasn't feeling up to par, so he was not interesting in taking pictures.

Here is how our play time in the yard went...

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (1 of 9)
This is nice - just sitting in the shade, playing with my car. Ha ha, momma is trying to get my attention. What's this...she wants me to look at the camera and smile. I think I will give confused face instead and look anywhere but the camera.

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (2 of 9)
Okay, I will look at the camera and give her my best 'life's hard' face.

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (3 of 9)redo
Oh look mom! Toes! Where did these come from?! I think I will just play with these instead of look at you.

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (4 of 9)
What's that noise?

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (5 of 9)
I'm done with this! I am just going to push my stroller the rest of the way home, okay mom? (notice his dirty bum, so cute!)

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (6 of 9)
Up the stairs!

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (7 of 9)
Now, crawl to the door.

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (8 of 9)

wsunsucessfulphotoshoot (9 of 9)
Um, a little help here?

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