Thursday, June 25, 2009

My post partum body and more.

Well, since having little man I have lost all my pregnancy weight and 3 lbs of my pre pregnancy weight. I however am left with tons of stretch marks (they are slowly fading) and a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly (ho, ho, ho). Anyway here is a picture taken about 2.5 weeks after giving birth. If you look here you can see what I looked like a few days before giving birth.

Also, we have been living off sandwiches because we are broke this month from going too and from NICU and eating out while we were there. Now that we are home we have ate peanut butter and jelly, deviled ham, grilled turkey and swiss and my favorite ruben!

Jewish Rye Bread
Corn Beef
Swiss Cheese
Thousand Island Dressing
Sour Kraut

Slather butter on your bread and place on griddle. Layer swiss cheese, beef, and sour kraut on top. Slather your top piece of bread with butter on one side and about a tbs of dressing and mayo on the other side. Place on top of the cheese, meat, and kraut and griddle till golden and crispy. Very yum yum. Oh *drool* soooo hungry.

Finally guess who turned 3 weeks old yesterday! I'll give you a hint it's one of these boys in this picture.

That's right! It's the one in the green hat! Hehe.

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